Modeling Guideline Documentations

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)


Traffic Analysis Toolbox

Volume I:  Traffic Analysis Tools Primer | July 2004

Volume II: Decision Support Methodology for Selecting Traffic Analysis Tools | July 2004

Volume III: Guidelines for Applying Traffic Microsimulation Modeling Software | April 2019

Volume V: Traffic Analysis Toolbox Case Studies – Benefits and Applications | November 2004

Volume VI: Definition, Interpretation, and Calculation of Traffic Analysis Tools Measures of Effectiveness | January 2007

Volume VII: Predicting Performance with Traffic Analysis Tools | March 2008

Volume VIII: Work Zone Modeling and Simulation – A Guide for Decision-Makers |August 2008

Volume IX: Work Zone Modeling and Simulation – A Guide for Analysts | March 2009

Volume X: Localized Bottleneck Congestion Analysis Focusing on What Analysis Tools Are Available, Necessary and Productive for Localized Congestion Remediation | March 2010

Volume XI: Weather and Traffic Analysis, Modeling and Simulation | December 2010

Volume XII: Work Zone Traffic Analysis – Applications and Decision Framework | April 2012

Volume XIII: Integrated Corridor Management Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation Guide | February 2017

Volume XIV: Guidebook on the Utilization of Dynamic Traffic Assignment in Modeling | November 2012

Guide on The Consistent Application of Traffic Analysis Tools and Methods | November 2011

Guide for Highway Capacity and Operations Analysis of Active Transportation and Demand Management Strategies | June 2013

Scoping and Conducting Data-Driven 21st Century Transportation System Analyses | January 2017

Active Transportation and Demand Management (ATDM) Analytical Methods for Urban Streets | February 2017

California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)


Guidelines for Applying Traffic Microsimulation Modeling Software | September 2002

Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)


Traffic Analysis And Forecasting Guidelines | 2018

Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT)


Vissim Reviewer Guidance Modules | 2020

Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT)


Intersection Traffic Analysis Procedures | 2019

Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT)


Microsimulation Guidance | 2017

Kansas Department of Transportation (KSDOT)


Kansas Roundabout Guide (Second Edition) | 2014

Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT)


Roundabout Vissim Microsimulation Guidance | 2020


Michigan Department of Transportation


MDOT VISSIM Protocol and Example Files Page | 2020

MDOT VISSIM Protocol | 2020

Missouri Department of Transportation


Microsimulation Modeling Guidelines (Available upon request)

Evaluation Of Work Zone Enhancement Software | 2009

Calibration of Work Zone Impact Analysis Software for Missouri | 2013

Engineering Policy Guide Wikipedia 

Transportation Impact Analysis | 2023


Oregon Department of Transportation


Analysis Procedures Manual Page | 2020

Addendum 15A - Protocol for Vissim Simulation | 2020

Texas Department of Transportation


Traffic Safety Analysis Procedure Manual

Utah Department of Transportation


Traffic Modeling Guidelines Page

Traffic Analysis Guideline 

Washington Department of Transportation


Design - Traffic Analysis - VISSIM Protocol Page

Vissim Protocol | 2014