Mobile Working License Activation

This guide outlines the process for activating a Mobile Working License (MWL).


License Activation

1. Using Google Chrome or Firefox, open the activation webpage:

2. Enter the ticket code provided by PTV and select the Next button.

3. Check the number of available activations and click Activate Licenses.

Note, if this is 0, the activation has already been applied — please contact for further assistance.

4. Select the Get CmContainer automatically option from the dropdown and click Activate Selected Licenses Now.

If a past activation already created a container, the Universal Firm Code option can be selected from the dropdown menu instead.

5. The license information will then be transferred to the computer.

6. Once the download is complete, a prompt will appear stating “License transfer completed successfully!” Select the OK button and close the browser window.

7. Launch the corresponding PTV software application to utilize the new license.