License Borrowing

This guide outlines the process for borrowing and returning Classroom / Training licenses for PTV Visum 2020, PTV Vissim 2020, and PTV Vistro 2020.  Licensing borrowing allows users to checkout a license from a PTV server and store the license information locally until the borrowing period expires.

Note: This can only be implemented on physical computers.  License borrowing is not supported on Virtual Machines.


Borrowing a License

1. Download and install the PTV Software, along with the latest CodeMeter Runtime version:

2. Open the Codemeter Control Center application.

3. Press the WebAdmin button.

4. Navigate to the Configuration tab and select Basic -> Server Search List.

5. Select add new Server.

6. Enter the server name or IP address provided by PTV and select Add followed by Apply.

7. Launch the desired PTV Software application.  This will automatically open up an application called License Manager.

8. Select Find licenses.

Note: If no licenses are shown, you may be unable to connect to the license server because of firewall/proxy restrictions.  Please ask your local IT-Admin to open port 22350 TCP & UDP temporarily for you. This is necessary to borrow the license successfully.

9. Once the list is updated, click on the license that was provided by PTV. Then select Borrow license.

10. Enter the Activation key that was provided by PTV and select OKNote that the application may initially appear to be “Not Responding.”

11. Select Create a new softcontainer and select OK.

12. The License Manager will then reread the license information.  Note that the application may initially appear to be “Not Responding” as it creates the license container.

Once the new softcontainer is created, it will also show up within the CodeMeter Control Center application as a Universal Firm Code.

13. Once the licenses are read in, a Borrowed License will be displayed. Check Use license and select OK.  Note that the Number attribute will be set to 1.

14. A prompt will open about saving the licensing settings. Select Yes.

15. This will finish launching the PTV software application. Once open, the header bar will display the license name and the selected license will be displayed under Help -> License.

Returning a License

A borrowed license can be returned before the borrowing period expires.

1. Open the PTV License Manager application.

2. Click the license you wish to return and select Return license.

3. Once returned, the Borrowed License will no longer appear and the Number attribute on the main license will be incremented.

4. Within the CodeMeter Control Center application, the softcontainer can also be deleted by selecting Remove License.