License Selection

This guide outlines the process for selecting a license for the following cases:

1. Opening PTV Vissim / PTV Visum / PTV Vistro for the first time after installation  or

2. Selecting a different license to use with PTV Vissim / PTV Visum / PTV Vistro


Initial License Selection

1. Once Vissim / Visum / Vistro has been installed, launch the application.

2. When initially opening the program, a progress bar will be displayed stating “Reading CodeMeter Licenses.”

3. This will launch the License Manager.  Within this window, check Use license next to the license you wish to connect to and select Start.

4. This will complete the license selection process and will finish launching the software.

Change License Selection

1. Launch Vissim / Visum / Vistro and go to Help -> License.

2. This will open the License window.  Select Manage licenses to launch the License Manager.

3. Within License Manager, uncheck the existing license option and check Use license next to the alternate license you wish to use.  Then click OK.

4. Select OK on the information window and click Close within the License window.  Then close and relaunch the software application to use the new license.