PTV Vistro

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The easiest way to evaluate operational and system level changes to improve mobility, safety and quality of life. PTV Vistro delivers thorough traffic signal analysis, robust signal optimization and integrated transportation impact analysis. Its smooth workflows, smart scenario management, and automated reporting features save you time and eliminate errors.


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PTV Vistro is Trusted by

Santa Clara VTA


Region of Durham

City of Houston

Louisiana DOTD

Ville de Montréal

Texas DOT

Utah DOT

Hear from Our Users

"PTV Vistro is intuitive and easy to learn for staff, the calculations and selected methodologies were transparent, as well as having the flexibility to produce custom reports with consistent intersection analysis outputs."

     Eugene Maeda
     Senior Transportation Planner
     Santa Clara VTA

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Learn How to Use PTV Vistro (FREE)

Learn more about PTV Vistro with Real-world examples for Free. You can access the recordings and example files covering the following topics:

  • PTV Vistro Basics
  • Signal Optimization
  • Multimodal Analysis
  • Development Impact Analysis (a.k.a. TIA)
  • Innovative Interchanges & Alternative Intersections
  • Evaluate Urban Design Concepts
  • Highway Capacity Analysis (HCM) 


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Made by Engineers for Engineers

PTV Vistro incorporates industry-standard methodologies into smartly-designed workflows because we understand your need to work efficiently. Our intuitive and sleek user interface is designed to maximize your experience. Not only that, PTV Vistro provides quick and easy-to-understand graphical results that enhance the way you translate data.


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